Office 365 DLP settings explained clearly

So my boss asked me to enforce the DLP settings on office 365. At first glance everything is overwhelming because there are so many settings. So just to clear things up I have posted all the difference. I have done this for USA and Canada because most of our emails originate from those areas. I give no warranties what so ever. Updated on 1/18/2017

Credit Card Number X X X X X
U.S. Bank Account Number X X X X X
ABA Routing Number X X
U.S. Individual Taxpayer Id Number (ITIN) X X X
U.S. Social Security Number SSN X X X X X
U.S./U.K. Passport Number X
Drug Enforcement Agency Number X X
U.S. Driver’s License Number X
GLBA = Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, SBNL = State Breach Notification Laws, SSSNCL = Social Security Number Confidentiality Laws
Canada financial Data PII PIPEDA HIA PHIPA Ontario PHIA Manitoba PIPA
Credit Card Number X
Canada Bank Account Number X X X
Canada Driver’s License Number X X
Canada Passport Number X X X X X
Canada Social Insurance Number X X X X X X
Canada Health Service Number X X X X X X
Canada Personal Health Identifcation Number X X X X X X

Salesforce For Outlook Issue

I guess this will be my first I.T. blog post, lately in my career I have been running into issues that google can’t give me a simple fix thus I am doing this so I can help my other fellow IT professionals.

Environment Details

Windows8.1, Office 365 E3 Plan = Office 2016 32bit, and Salesforce For Outlook (latest version as of 9/13/2016



Salesforce for outlook does not install because you get an “.NET Framework 4.5.2 or a later update is already installed on this computer” even though it is installed.


Proof 4.5 is installed



 Resolution: Not found but work around found.

Work around found by installing an order version where it doesn’t require .net 4.5.2

Things I tried

Uninstall and reinstall .net (every version)

Uninstalled .net and installed .net from salesforce for Outlook installer.

Uninstalled office and reinstalled (thinking back, i’m asking myself why the fuck did I do this?)

Things something someone else tried

Does install on a clean Windows 10 Image with a fresh install of office (Windows 10 was not updated)

Does install on a clean Windows 8.1 Image with a fresh install of office (Windows 8.1 was not updated)


Mostly Microsoft but I’m guessing either a patch, one of our apps, or a corrupt file/reg is giving us the middle finger.



Hostgator sucks

Please forgive me its 3am i’ll edit and proof read later.

I usually don’t bother writing negative reviews of the companies but this company deserves a special award for the dumbest business practice. I’m not writing why host gator sucks nor do I have any experience with their services, so I really can’t claim host gator sucks. But they sure do have a dumb business model.

It all started with 1and1 (my current and going to be ex webhost provider), I have been with 1and1 for a while and I can’t even remember when I started with them, I think I  had been with them since 2004, anyways I have been fairly satisfied with their service over the year but they had their problems. However nothing major for me to wanting to jump ships. But after the years, I felt their “updates” to the control panel and changing my price to 12.99 while everyone else was paying 9.99, stuff like this was building my frustration with them. I think I finally hit a boiling point when their mysql would not work with something I wanted to do. So on my quest to find a new hosting company, I came accord host gator. I have heard of them before and I kind of help someone install a skin on a host gator website. As far as I know he never had problems with hostgator, so I decided to give them a shot.

So I went to website and asked a lot of questions, and after a while I was satisfied and I signed up. I used my paypal account because I could not find where my wallet was. So after I paid, I got an email telling my about my cpanel login and password. I was really excited because want to start on a portfolio webpage for my school project and that’s what I needed the mysql for.  After 5minuites of playing around in the cpanel, all of sudden my account goes into lock down and it tells me to contact customer service. So I did and when I got hold of them the where demanding me for a copy of my drivers license to “verify” me. At first I thought this was a little odd but I complied because I had an old picture of my driver’s license on the web and just forward it to them. Then about 1 hour later, I get another email saying they want a picture of my holding the driver license. At that point I was like, no, take it or leave it and demanded for a refund and they said sure just wait 5-7 business days. I have already filed a complaint with paypal and it’s in open case with paypal.

My biggest problem and suggestion to this company is this, I run a small business too and I’m always worried about charge backs, and I had my fair share of chargeback from stolen credit cards to customers flat out lying they never bought the item. Since this is a physical store, it may be different with an online business, but to alienate your customers over 7.95 when the marginal cost of give “your new customer” new service is most likely next to nothing compared to my cost of a charge back because at that point I have physically lost goods you guys at most might have lost 10 dollars if it was a new domain register, my account was going to be a transfer. Can you guys really have an argument you might loose money, when you guys oversell your servers anyways? We all realistically know if someone uses too much of the server you’re going to kick them off.

Front Point Security

Front Point Security Review

Well here it goes from the beginning…….

Well recently my family bought a business in MI and the old system installed at the business was out dated. So when I asked if the old company can come out and replace the whole system, the dealer said he would have to charge me about 100 dollars even though the previous owner had been with that company for 20 years. I said for 100 dollars, I’m going to consider other companies if going to charge me full price.

So on my quest to find a better security company, I Google and found front point security (though google ads). At first I refused to do business with them because they were fairly a new company according to their website, they were founded in 2007. This is also another reason I decided to write this long review, when I google “front point security sucks”, “front point security scam”, or “front point security review.” I only found positive reviews and one customer compliant. That customer complaint more had to do with breach of contract, more than the quality service of front point security (the only thing I care about). On the side note, if you read the complaint (click here) I think front point security should just switch to the format the cell phone companies’ use like 300 dollars or 80% of the remaining term whichever is cheaper. However the complaint is really unfounded because if that customer went with any other company they would have charged an early termination fee also. However I do kind of agree it was kind of high. So I ended up settling with ADT with cellular monitoring. This is where the story gets really interesting.

When I signed up for ADT, I signed up though Gaylord Securities. When I placed the order, I agreed to pay 44.99 per month for the cell phone monitoring. When the technician (he was from ADT EverSafe security) got there he started to install the system right away. He started by cutting out the old system battery backup and taking out the old keypad. After a while I got puzzled why he was messing with all the wires. So I asked him why he was touching all the wires since I ordered an all wireless system. Then he tells me he gets no signal out here so he decided to install a land line monitoring system without asking me. At this point I was furious, because he already ripped out my old system. Never the less, I was willing to play ball with ADT, so I had him install the system.

So after about a 1 week, I had Comcast install internet and phone, because the previous owner had Verizon internet and phone. Unknown to me the Comcast guy unplug the ADT phone line and it was unplugged for 1 day. During that day I didn’t get any phone call or alerts saying the ADT monitoring could not communicate with the panel. So that is when I decided that I’m going to pull the plug for ADT. Since anyone with a wire cutter can cut the cable line and I’ll be out of luck.

So at this point I was upset ADT crossed me because I placed an order for wireless and here they are trying to install sub quality product for my business, so I called EverSafe and told them to take the system back because I don’t want to do business with ADT. So I decided just to give Front Point Security a shot since they have the 30 day guarantee, so I can return the product if I’m not happy. I placed the order Tuesday night and the same time I called EverSafe to have old system ripped out on Saturday.

When I got the system on Friday I had the system up and running less than 30 minutes. I guess I can’t speak for everyone because I am a geek, however if you finished high school there’s no way in fat chance you’re going to mess up the installation. The installation is pretty much, unpeel the adhesive and attach it to the doors and wall. Overall I wasn’t to upset I had to install the system it was kind of fun.

Before the system went active there’s nothing with that stands out in the front but that’s where it ends. The thing that really makes the company stand out is their features. I like it how I can check online and see when the sensors are active or tripped. As you can see from the photos you can see the list of details everything that is associated to my account. At times I didn’t know if ADT system was working, with FrontPointSecurity you know it’s working because every time I do something like arm, disarm and login to the website I get a txt message to my cell phone and email. The delay is about 15-30 seconds on average and a typical sms txt would be like this. // Joonhee’s system: Panel was Armed Away at (Time) on (Date). // Joonhee’s system: Panel was Disarmed by (User name) at (Time) on Date). // Joonhee’s system: The website account was logged into successfully by (user name) at (Time) on (date). // Joonhee’s system: A Failed website Login attempt by (user name) was reported at (time) on (date).

Of course after a while your cell phone inbox gets flooded with these alerts but I still like the peace of mind. Also even if you delete the txt you can also log onto the website and look at the logs. I don’t know how long they keep them for but hey long as they keep it for like 30 days, do you really have to know what happen 1 year ago?

I would say if ADT is going to charge you 44.99 per month and you don’t get any of these features while Frontpoint is only charging 39.99. I would say Frontpoint is the better value. Over all I am 100% satisfied.

************************************** July 7, 2010 Break in

So after like 2-3 weeks after the install date, I decide to check my phone, this faithful morning. My phone was on silent so I missed the phone call from FrontPointSecurity. So when I check my phone around 1:55 Central Time, I was horrified to see two these messages // Joonhee’s system: The Front Area Motion reported an Alarm at 1:42 AM on Wednesday, July 07, 2010. // Joonhee’s system: The Front Area Motion reported an PENDING Alarm at 1:42 AM on Wednesday, July 07, 2010.

Then I checked the phone log if they tried to call me.

This is my cell phone time stamp, they gave me a phone call at 12:42 Central Time.

So I called my parents who are in the area but they didn’t pick up, so after trying to call them 10 times I gave up and decided to call the South Haven Police Department. According to my cell phone time stamp, I placed a call to the South Haven Police Department at 2:02 AM Central time and 3:02 AM Eastern Time (1 Hour and 20 Minutes after the break in). When I asked the Dispatcher, what happened, the dispatcher told me 3 people broke in and stole some stuff.

So at this point, I don’t have any pictures or videos of them breaking in but I will definitely post some pictures and video on youtube.

Due to the timely response of frointpointsecurity and South Haven Police Department there are 3 kids in jail.

US Government can ban books

Now before many people start telling me where I have been for the last 50 years! I knew public libraries and school districts were banning/restricting books for their reasons(justified or not). I really don’t care if libraries or schools ban them, long as the reader can buy/obtain the book by legal means in their country(USA). So when I heard the US government can just outright ban books by a federal judge I was shocked.
Now the link is not a reliable source but this shows the great length what the US government is doing in the name of public safety. This remind me the quote from Benjamin Franklin “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I do not know if the book is true or false but it should not be the federal judge nor any politician to decide what is safe for the public. If this is the case, I can name some religious books we can ban which clearly states to do some irrational behavior because some invisible man wants them to do it. I don’t want to make my post about a religious issue so I’ll drop it here.

The main reason I’m screaming bloody foul is that fact this is censorship with a nice name on it so people will think it’s not when it is. Laws like freedom of speech  were created to protect the little guys and help unpopular ideas to get published. If it wasn’t for unpopular ideas, most of us would believe the sun revolves around earth, having black people as slaves is ok, and evolution is not possible because only god can make us (this does not mean I endorse evolution “THEORY”) . These were unpopular ideas at their time but now it’s the norm.

The irrational of banning the books in the name of public safety is an oxymoron. They say banning book like Irwin Schiff who promotes not paying their income taxes puts the public in danger due to criminal and civil actions from the IRS. Fine, let’s say I’ll throw out my libertarian beliefs for the sake of argument, that ultimately  individuals are responsible for their own actions. Then why stop there? We know there are radical Muslim terrorist are following the Koran which dictates that all infidels should be killed. Why not ban the Koran? How about the bible? or how about that guy Kevin Trudeau who wrote a book saying by eating some weird herb your cancer will magically go away. Why not ban these books? These book directly has gotten someone killed and will continue to get someone killed. I don’t think Irwin Schiff’s book saying don’t pay your taxes has gotten anyone killed. The main important thing we should learn from this is the fact individual responsibly is more important. You can never shield anyone from our evils of society, it’s up to the own individual to decide rather the information is accurate and weight the risk and benefits of using that information.

Lastly we need to see where book banning is used. We know from public information, countries that enforced book banning are countries with dictatorship/totalitarian. Such as China, North Korea, and Iran.  Why does these country ban books?  It’s usually because these counties have something to hide. Their little dark secret that they don’t’ want their own citizens want to know like the Chinese government suppressing any information about Tiananmen Square 1989. So this gives me the impression the US government wants to suppress this information because its true(I’m not saying it’s true or false, I didn’t read it yet). I think it would have been better off if the US government didn’t ban the book and just have critics rip apart the book, like Kevin Trudeau which is probably getting some idiot killed as you read this.

Asian Carp the new native species to Michigan Lake

This is my first blog post and its going to be about government rational and government spending at its best. In Illinois there is a problem with Asian Carps. For more information about the carps you can watch this youtube video here:

According to the wild life supporters and the government we need to build this 10 million dollar electronic barrier. To protect the wildlife of the native species and the fishing industry (I didn’t know we had a Illinois fishing industry). Anyways, I believe this is a foolish attempt at man trying to manipulate our environment. All the government spending and planning in the world is not going to stop the Asian carp from hitting Michigan Lake.  What if there is a power failure for 3 days? It happened in 2008-2009 when it rained for 3 days straight. My house in cook county was out for three days.  Do people honestly believe the carps will go to sleep for three days while someone restores the power? What if some driver slides in the ice and crashes into the building? Or maybe someone who is disgruntled with government spending decides to catch some carps and release them into the Michigan lake of way saying FU to the US government? How is the government going to stop that?

Many of you will disagree with me saying this 10 million dollar invest is very important. Also will most likely laugh at me for couple of years for working but in the end you need only 1 pregnant fish to cross the barrier and the Michigan lake is toast. It may or may not work however mark my words in the END maybe 10, 20, 30 years from now we will have the Asian carp in Michigan.

So my point is this, if we all can agree that no matter what happens Asian crap is going to be the next native species in Michigan lake why bother spending 10 million dollars? Why not invest it somewhere better like schools, roads, or even lower taxes on small business owners?